Visit to Chhauni Museum

2018-06-01 10:00 AM - 2018-06-01 2:00 PM

When it comes to individuality, origin & identity plays its cards. We humans should be known to our past & the way we evolved and reached this point. What could be better than the visit to Chhauni Museum, oldest & biggest museum of Nepal which was established in 1928 AD? We students of Grade IX were taken for visit to museum for being further close to ourselves.  The building has collection of bronze sculptures, Paubha paintings and weapons which were amazingly arranged in very standard format. The paintings were chronically placed with short description of each event portrayed by those paintings. There were life-size mannequins of people who were dressed in their respective traditional customs engaged in their authentic works. There were also uniforms of soldiers, commander-in-chief, ministers & prime Ministers of past times. There were metallic artifacts which were made in form of various Gods & Goddesses as well as old stone sculptures of 2nd century. We all had lots of fun enjoying our past & the way they were modified in beautiful showcases placed perfectly that made great impact on our tourism. Tourists & locals usually visited this museum to know more about how past times used to be. As a whole, being there proved to be amazingly educative & interesting!!