Visit Sericulture Farm

2018-05-25 10:00 AM - 2018-05-25 2:00 PM

As also been integrated in our curriculum, we learnt theoretically about the life cycle of silk moth through the pages of our books but our teachers have always believed that what we see, hear & speak remains within our mind & heart more than what we learn in whiteboards. Maybe why we decided to visit Sericulture Farm located at Khopasi, Kavre in order to observe the stages of Moth from egg to adult. It was interesting how the workers there had captured the eggs at 1st stage, larvae at 2nd stage, pupa inside cocoon at 3rd stage & adult at final stage. We also got to roam around the mulberry farm which laid wide over almost 120 ropanis of land. We could enjoy the nature that spoke wonders that pages of books couldn’t utter. We could also see how the silk moths reproduced. We grade X students had felt that sericulture could be a aspect to be looked upon that actually can be mobilized to enhance economic status of our country. We would be happier to get back to those green mulberry yarns!!