My Experience of SQC


My experience of SQC.

Hi, greetings to everyone. I am Ganga Poudel, a student of grade 9. I’m sharing my experience of SQC. Recently, if you might’ve noticed, there was a three-day program of ICSQC. 5 students of grade 9 participated there. I was lucky enough to be one of the five.

But before we begin, for those who don’t know, SQC is an organization organized with the aim of helping students recognize their problems, analyze it, and then learn how to solve it. It is relevant in more than 63 countries as of present and is aspiring to implement its aim within the nations. It helps a student take some time off their schedules to confront their problems.

We, the students of grade 9 were introduced to SQC for the first time, & we had no idea what to expect off of it. We came to know that we were supposed to conduct a case study on our students’ major problems. We went through various SQC steps. We brainstormed our minds, did why-why analyses, & made or went through many other SQC tools.

 When about half of our case study was ready, we had to present it in a local hub first. Our destination was Galaxy School at Gyaneshwar. We got to experience many other schools’ presentations and it made us realize what we were lacking. The process of forming the case study was sort of like an epiphany. We were introduced to so many wonderful ideas all at once, it helped us change the perception of ourselves, the people, & the problems around us. Suddenly, everything had become much more-simpler. We began to realize that our morality was changing & improving.

Our case study finished a day or 2 before the start of ICSQC. Our topic was narcissism which is the process of being self-centered, self-absorbed, or apathetic. The first day had finally arrived. Me and my team were very excited to meet new people, & make new friends. When we arrived to St Xavier, Godavari, which was the location for the 23rd ICSQC 2022, I’d say I was quite nervous. It was my first time seeing so many quality & international students all at once.

When the program started, it enlightened me with a brand-new feeling. Our team was classified into Group A, which was supposed to present their case study in the first day. Our presentation went really well. We got many compliments & feedbacks from our judges. They were even kind enough to tell us what was missing in the case study nicely. The later of the day ended with tons of fun & being introduced to many new cultures. We danced & sang our heart out. The first day had been so wonderful, I just couldn’t wait for the following days to arrive.

At the second day, Group A was in competitive events. I, personally, was in the SQC treasure hunt. I was nervous about the team formation because it would be done randomly. But I made new friends there. I realized the people I was working with & competing with were all just like me. There were very nice people around me. It helped me feel welcomed.

The last day, we had workshops. I was in slam poetry. Once again, I was paired up with people I didn’t know & had never met before. But we got along really well once again. I was introduced to the concept of slam poetry and how to write or present it. Nonetheless, It was very fun.

The three days enlightened me with the most fun I’ve had in my entire life. I was constantly meeting new people, talking to them, & learning so many things along the way.

 I personally believe, the SQC motto “Together we can!” holds a special meaning because it’s true. If we all have the same initiative, we can solve our biggest problems together. SQC teaches us the importance of teamwork, collaboration, & problem-solving skills. It helps us become better people & it consistently introduces us to new ideas & solutions. It really contributes a lot to social confidence as well. I used to be nervous when speaking in front of crowds before but now I’m perfectly fine with it. I’ve come to recognize the importance of open-mindedness, my thoughts & my ideas.

The three-day experience was really a whole damn blast. I hope next year, it’ll be the same. I hope more of you will be encouraged to participate in this program because I ensure you, you will not regret it. Because I do not, and I never will.

I think I’ve written enough for now. Thankyou to you all for being so patient throughout this whole essay, have a wonderful day ahead, goodbye.

Ganga Poudel

Grade - IX

Author: Ganga Poudel